Talks & Videos

Nowadays, it seems that going to a tech conf is the only way to prove that you are a developer (?)
You can learn something from anything anyway, here are some videos I watched recently.


Introduction to Angular 8 – Alain Chautard
Handling Angular Forms Without Losing Your Sanity – Jennifer Wadella
These ARE the Angular Tips You’re Looking For | John Papa
Angular For Enterprise | Stephen Fluin
“N Things You Didn’t Know About the Router” | Deborah Kurata
The magic of template reference variables – Alain Chautard
How to Dynamically Insert & Remove Form Controls in Angular


dotJS 2018 – John Papa – Choosing Your JavaScript Framework
Ready for Readable Code? – John Papa
The Future of Machine Learning & Javascript | Asim Hussain


Keynote NDC Sydney 2016: If I knew then what I know now – Scott Hanselman

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