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Shortcut for Directory – PowerShell

It’s been for a while since I started using PowerShell for some operations. It might seem complicated at the beginning but if you be patient and keep learning, it makes so many tasks easy for you, especially for .NET developers. To … Continue reading

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.NET Core Command Line CLI Basics

Yes, developing .NET apps without opening Visual Studio was something I wish for a long time. It was possible but wasn’t that simple. With .NET Core CLI, managing the project is simpler than ever. Let’s see how we can create … Continue reading

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Why Brackets in SQL queries with SQL Server

It’s been long time since I worked with SQL Server last time. I have been working with Oracle and there are differences for sure. This one is simple. The brackets are required if you use keywords or special chars in … Continue reading

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Top Screen Resolutions and Browsers

The top screen resolutions from Oct 2015 to Oct 2016 Last month with mobile devices included Top 5 browsers

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Inheritance Simply

Basics are important. Involving in big projects may make us underestimate and forget about the basics. While I was rechecking the important feature of OOP: inheritance, I wanted to share very simple example briefly. My little piece of code here calculates the … Continue reading

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Redmine Reports & Business Intelligence

We have been using Redmine for 3 months actively and the number of issues is now over 11000 with 90 projects and 200 users. When it comes to getting various reports for different objectives , Redmine’s capability is very limited. Especially if you are … Continue reading

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Oracle Function & .NET sysdate problem

After I shared one solution about oracle, iis and sysdate problem, I got another similar error. This time, the function was getting the paramater sysdate with time added. I noticed this because the function was calculating default insterest of a … Continue reading

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