Redmine Reports & Business Intelligence

We have been using Redmine for 3 months actively and the number of issues is now over 11000 with 90 projects and 200 users. When it comes to getting various reports for different objectives, Redmine’s capability is very limited. Especially if you are working with customers from very different fields, the reports you need for each project become unique. You may even have to create a report for human resources department as they are also interested in what is going on with the projects and the time spent on them, or even they may be curious about the projects which consumes most of the labour time.

You have various options like RedmineIssueSummary and some plugins exist for reporting. If you have a high number of issues and projects, you will definitely need a custom report at the end. Continue reading

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Change color based on field value in Jaspersoft Studio

Change color based on field value in Jaspersoft Studio

We may change the color, font size and style of the field value based on a condition.

For example, we have two fields called $F{numberofissues} and $F{projectname}. We want to highlight $F{projectname} by styling it with red color, font size 16 and bold style if the number of issue is greater or equal than 30.

1. Create a style

a6vgvbtContinue reading

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