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Why Brackets in SQL queries with SQL Server

It’s been long time since I worked with SQL Server last time. I have been working with Oracle and there are differences for sure. This one is simple. The brackets are required if you use keywords or special chars in … Continue reading

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Oracle Function & .NET sysdate problem

After I shared one solution about oracle, iis and sysdate problem, I got another similar error. This time, the function was getting the paramater sysdate with time added. I noticed this because the function was calculating default insterest of a … Continue reading

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Floor, Ceiling and Rounding with MySQL

I was trying to get the average solution time of issues in Redmine per tracker type. In order to get the average time, I first selected creation time of issue and extracted it from the date of solution of the issue (this … Continue reading

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Oracle sysdate year problem

I have been trying to solve the problem that I encounter when I call a Oracle function in my code. Oracle function takes one number and date as parameteres: MY_FUNCTION (NO IN NUMBER,DATE IN DATE) And I was calling the function … Continue reading

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Query rows between two times

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Simple Oracle Database Query

Simple but needed.

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Number of days or weekdays between two days in ORACLE

if you remove count, it will give the list of dates between. (6,7) is the number of days in a week. Monday is 1, Tuesday is 2, if we change it as (1,2,3,4,5), it returns weekdays.

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